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integrated computational thinking

Algorithms 5: Algorithms Plugged - Spicy

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In this project, the learner will put their Scratch skills to the test by identifying and resolving bugs in programs (estimated 40 min)

Learning Objectives

By the end of this activity, learners will be able to...

  • investigate the problem and find a solution to five debugging challenges
  • explore a range of concepts (including sequence) through the practices of testing and debugging
  • develop a list of strategies for debugging projects


  • Bug: an issue or problem with the code that is causing the program to do something unexpected
  • Debug: To identify and remove errors from a program.
  • Abstraction: Isolating key details while ignoring the remaining elements

Materials and Resources

  • Learners must have a Scratch account to complete this project. If they do not have a Scratch account already they will need to complete the Step-by-Step activity first


  • Learners will demonstrate mastery of knowledge in this project by debugging 3 programs to better understand the value of error detection as it relates to Computational Thinking

Creative Commons

The Scratch Creative Computing projects hosted here on Mouse Create have been adapted and edited from the curriculum released under a Creative Commons license by the ScratchEd Team at the Harvard Graduate School of Education. Mouse (a non-profit organization that operates has developed this course to provide you, the educator, with resources that further support student growth, interactivity and assessment while navigating this curriculum.

The original curriculum can be found at the Harvard Graduate School of Education Creative Computing website if you choose to use it as an additional resource.